Our Technology Offerings

  • Fast charging

    All our stations are at least fast charging stations, ensuring you can be back on the road in minutes

  • Driver friendly

    Clear displays signal station status and assist the driver through the charging process

  • Universal DC compatibility

    Any EV with DC rapid charging capability can be accommodated with open standard connectors

  • High availability

    Stations and power modules are supported 24/7 ensuring they are always available for drivers

  • Future-proofed

    Our charging units can be upgraded up to 350kW as battery technology develops.

  • Multiple Payment Options

    Supports contactless and in app payments, no account is needed

Network Modeling

Applegreen use sophisticated in-house modeling tools to predict demand and usage of its charger network with a range of inputs including current ICE driver behavior, likely numbers of EV’s passing, visiting and charging. This in turn produces an accurate estimate of kWh’s to be dispensed per site per year over the period up to and beyond 2050.

External factors such as local/state/national EV adoption rates and local grid power availability and demand charges play a material role in tailoring the modeling exercise into a proper roll out plan. Liaison with local utility companies along the route needs to be undertaken in detail along with ensuring any roll out plan is eligible to attract all the funding supports that may be available to enhance the scale and quality of infrastructure provided.