Our Experience

Applegreen Electric has a proven track record in the design and operation of world class EV charging facilities with over 500 EV Fast Charging bays in operation on our estate across the US, UK and Ireland. Applegreen Electric provides over 500,000 fast charging sessions to customers per year in a rapidly growing transition to more sustainable transport fuels with a range of partners including Tesla, Ecotricity, Chargepoint and others.

Applegreen Electric currently provides over 60% of the total DC fast charging capacity on the UK Highway Service Plaza network and 90% of the Tesla Supercharger charging infrastructure on the UK Highway network. The market share of other EV’s from household name brands such as Ford, VW, Nissan and GM are rising rapidly as they build on the pioneering work of Tesla and as the EV ecosystem moves to the next phase of mass market adoption.

In 2019 Applegreen commenced owning and operating universal access EV charging bays. This provides a seamless customer experience to all customers and ensures all EV drivers have equal open access to fast chargers irrespective of the EV car brand or model they choose to drive.

Our Philosophy

Applegreen Electric considers economic, environmental, and social responsibility an integral part of its corporate philosophy and understands the contribution we can make to a more sustainable future. Our strategy aims to protect the natural environment, enhance the lives of our employees and the people who utilize our products and services, and connect with the communities in which we operate.

Applegreen Electric is committed to carbon reduction, with a clear and committed approach to sustainability in every area of our business, and by bringing our partners on this journey with us. We believe encouraging the adoption of Electric Vehicles (EV) reduces the emissions that contribute to climate change, thus improving public health and reducing C02 emissions.

Our History

Our History In 2021, Applegreen Electric was established as a subsidiary of Applegreen Limited to focus exclusively on electric vehicle charging infrastructure.

Established in 1992, Applegreen is one of the largest Service Plaza operators in Europe and the US. The business had total revenue of $3.44 bn in the year ended 31st December 2019. Applegreen operates 556 Service Plazas and gas stations across Europe and the United States, including 30 hotels. We are the largest Highway Service Plaza operator in Ireland, and the second largest in the United Kingdom. In the US we operate travel plazas and gas stations in 18 states and we employ over 1,300 in the US and 11,500 worldwide.

On 10th March 2021 a consortium led by Applegreen’s founders and Blackstone Infrastructure Partners’ acquired the entire issued share capital of Applegreen Plc. Applegreen’s two founding directors and main shareholders have partnered with Blackstone Infrastructure Partners, acknowledging that Applegreen will transition its business through capital-intensive highway projects and electric vehicle charging infrastructure to meet the needs of an evolving consumer, and private ownership is the appropriate structure for this transition and that in Blackstone Infrastructure Partners, with its long-term focus and its significant ability to accelerate our growth, is the right partner for the next stage of the Applegreen journey.